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The Power of the Jagan


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Here's lyrics to the opening and closing themes.

Smile Bomb (Opening Theme):
Running in a crowd in a faceless town,
I need to feel the touch of a friend.
In the country side I wander far and wide,
The isolation gets me again.
I don't know where to go,
When I feel like crying oh my,
It's time to open myself to something new,
I want to stop- and grow up a bit.
Then suddenly my power and confidence starts swelling up magically erupt,
And it's all because of kindness that I feel,
From people I don't even know.
Then suddenly my intuition and my wisdom grow,
And then I know,
That most of all I sense compassions wield into strangers wherever I go,
Thank you for waking me up.
The Homework Doesn't End (Closing Theme):
The pointed second hand counts down the life I lead,
Marking off my legacy of worldly deeds,
Tick Tock, Tick
Constantly I think of things I can't complete,
Well it's time to throw them into the back seat...
Son of a Gun!
Life's a fleeting dream don't let it go...
Ya gotta make the most of it you know.
Don't stop now, don't let it slip away,
Live it up while you can and don't delay,
For the fleeting dreams they never stay...
Sayonara Bye Bye (Closing Theme):
I feel my aching heart about to break,
The gentle wind that blows fills the air with peacefulness,
We're standing face to face,
Hand in hand,
And then the evening twilight drapes its arms around us,
And it melts away,
It's just so funny,
Your smiling face and mine,
They're not the same,
But for right now it's as though I'm looking in a mirror,
And everything is fine,
No sadness at all,
So now I draw the line to live another journey,
'Cause even though we've been here together,
We're still different people,
But we're not alone,
Sayonara bye bye,
Please take care of yourself,
'Cause even though we've been here together,
We're still different people,
But we're not alone,
Sayonara bye bye,
Please take care of yourself,
Unbalanced Kiss (Closing Theme):
Within a broken mirror, I clearly see your reflection.
Tears roll down your face... Tears roll down your face...
As your finger traces the edge of the new moon.
Who is that I'm calling out to?
I can see you walk away from me.
Time and time again... Time and time again...
You'll find me knocking at your door.
With my back pressed against the weight of the world
and the speed of the night.
It felt as if a thread was snapping in two
And I held on to you... Held on to you... Held on to you...
With all my might.
As you share an unbalanced kiss with me,
I hope you can feel us getting closer to love.
And may your fear and tearful deceptions come to rest in my heart.
Oh, my love.

The Sun Will Shine Again (Closing Theme):
When my letter reaches you,
Please don't break the seal,
Just wait a little while,
Give it time to heal,
And I believe you'll understand,
Just exactly how I feel,
This is my last and my most loving request.
With a restless innocence,
Our hearts began to race,
With one thing on our minds,
We foolishly embraced,
Now as twilight closes in,
I see you from a distant place,
And I wish for you all the courage that you'll ever need,
To be your best!
And although it storms and it's raining outside,
All the people of the city still believe in the existence of the sun.
And a forgotten melody,
And the birds in our hands,
A life without pain,
Is a life without joy, without fun!

To be honest... tripod makes you put something here... and I have no idea what to say!!

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei -Team Urameshi