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Yusuke Urameshi. He is a 14 year old boy who thought he was normal. Until one day, he died by getting hit by a car to save a little boy's life. When he died, his spirt met Botan. She is the grim reaper and works for the ruler of the Spirit World named Koenma. Yusuke went threw an ordeal to get his life back and when he did, he got unusual powers. Yusuke was now a Spirit Dectective and worked for Koenma, hunting down evil demons and other things like that. Yusuke went threw a lot, with fighting Rando, going threw Maze Castle, rescuing Yukina, winning The Dark Tournament and fighting 'The Seven.' Yusuke is very loyal and cares about his friends a lot. Expecially his girlfriend Kayko. He may look like he doens't know what he is doing in a fight, but he fights like a genious once he knows this prey.

Kazuma Kuwabara. Everyone calls him Kuwabara except for Yukina and his sister Skiziru who call him Kazuma. He goes to Yusuke's school with him and Yusuke and Kuwabara often got in fights and Yusuke always won. After Yusuke died and came back to life, Yusuke found out about Kuwabara's spirit awarness at Genkai's tournament. After that, Kuwabara joined Yusuke in some of the cases. When they had to go rescuse Yukina, Kuwabara said no at first, but said yes when he say her because he had fallen in love. After that Kuwabara joined Yusuke to fight in The Dark Tournament. Kuwabara isn't the smartest one in the group, but he does make a lot of jokes. He is very loyal and will sacrifice himself in the end if it is for the best.

Kurama. Kurama is actually a fox demon and is over 300 years old. His true name is Yoko Kurama, and he was a Lengendary Bandit. About 15 years ago, Yoko got seriously hurt, and went inside of an unborn human boy, now known as Suichi. As he grew older, he began to care for others, expecially his human mother. He met Hiei and Gouki one day and he stole the Forlon Hope, a mirror that would grant one wish, but take that person's life. Kurama's human mother was very sick, and Kurama asked the mirror to make her better. Yusuke interfired and told the mirror to take his life instead of Kurama's. The mirror ended up granting the wish, and not taking anyone's life. After that, Kurama joined up with Yusuke for his cases and for the Dark Tournament. Kurama is very smart and is an excellent fighter. He is very loyal and trusting.


Hiei. He is a fire demon who was born in a ice demon world. He was supposed to die when he was little by getting thrown off a cliff, but he survived it. Hiei can be very cold and distance, and does not show his emotions much. He used to be evil, and killed anyone and anything that was in his way, until he met Yusuke. Hiei had stole the Shadow Sword, which turned anything into a demon when it was cut by the sword. Hiei captured Kayko and Yusuke had to save her before she was turned into a demon. Yusuke defeated Hiei, and after that, Hiei joined up with Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama (but it was because Koenma said he would clear his record.) Over time, Hiei changed and began to like his team. Hiei is very loyal if you are to him and once he enters an allaince, he isn't the type to break it.

Koenma. Koenma is over 700 years old and is the ruler of the Spirit World. Botan is his assistant and he sent her to get Yusuke when he died. Koenma say Yusuke's powers, and taught him alittle when he came back alive. Koenma gives Yusuke's his jobs and Yusuke often gets frusterated with Koenma, and they make many jokes between each other. Koenma also has a teenager form and he has Jr on his forhead. Koenma has a pasifire in his mouth and he never takes it out. But there is hidden power to it.

Botan. Botan is basically the Grim Reaper. She takes people who died to Spirit World. She is very nice and almost to happy sometimes and loves to say "Bingo." After a while, she started taking a human form to talk to Yusuke more and to help him out. When Yusuke started on his first and secnod case, Botan helped him and was basically Yusuke's assistant. She has special tools for Yusuke that made him stronger. Botan still takes some people to Spirit World, but she is in a human form most of the time now.

Genkai. Genkai is an old woman who lives in a temple. She had a tournament and Yusuke won, and she trained Yusuke for 6 months. She ended up handing down her Spirit Wave Orb to Yusuke in the Dark Tournament. Genkai is very strong and she had a past with Toguro. They were in love but Toguro wished to be a powerful demon who never aged when they won the DT 50 years ago. Genkai and Yusuke share a strong bond. Most of the time they act like they hate each other, but deep down, they really care about each other.

Kayko Yukimura. Kayko and Yusuke have been best friend ever since they were little. Kayko was really the only friend Yusuke had, and people often went up to Kayko and asked why she was friends with him. They care deeply for each other, even if it doesn't seem like it all the time. Yusuke and Kayko are now boyfriend and girlfriend, but Kayko needs to be carfule, because she is sometimes the target of Yusuke's enemies, considering he cares most about her.

Yukina. Yukina is an ice apparition and is alo Hiei's sister, but she doesn't know it. She knows that she has a brother, but doesn't know it's Hiei. Yukina was kidnapped by evil humans who wanted her tear drops. Because whenever Yukina cries, her tears turn into ice crystals, and they each worth thousands. She was saved by Yusuke Kuwabara and Hiei. Kuwabara instantly fell in love with her and she does like Kuwabara, but not sure that she loves him quite yet. Yukina is very nice, sweet and innocent. She also has the power to change the temperature around her. Even though she doesn't fight, she is very strong.

Shizuru Kuwabara. Shizuru is Kuwabara's older sister. She also has strong Spiritual Awarness like her brother Kuwabara, but she does not fight, well not with Spiritual powers at least. Her and Kayko became friends rather quickly, along with her and Botan and Yukina.

Asato Kido. Kido is a human who got a territorial power when the Demon Portal was being opened by Sensui. He went to Genkai for training when he first got his power, and he was one of the three who trickd Yusuke and the others inorder to teach them a lesson that was made by Genkai. Kido has the power of Shadow, which is that he can stop his opponents by stepping on their shadow. It is almost like a straight jacket and they cannot move at all.

Yuu Kaitou.  Yuu Kaitou is a human who got a territorial power when the Demon Portal was being opened by Sensui. He was also one of the three who went to genkai for help and who tricked Yusuke and the others by Genkai. He has the power of Taboo, which lets him control what happends by meaning of things being said, and if a word he choses is said the persons soul is stolen. He can also rule out violence. He goes to the same school as Kurama, and is second best while Kurama or Suichi is first.
Mitsunari Yanagisawa. Mitsunari is a human who go a territorial power when the Demon Portal was being opened by Sensui. He was one of the three who went Genkai for training and tricked Yusuke and the others for a lesson by Genaki. He has the power to copy anyone that he touches. He can copy their appreance, memory, anything. He goes to the same school as Kido.

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Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei -Team Urameshi